Baby Papenfuss

Baby Papenfuss

Thursday, August 21, 2014

The Year of Basketball

It is easy to call this year the "year of basketball" because that is really what our lives revolved around. Curtis came home tired every day from practice and was gone every other weekend for games. While it wasn't the choicest of circumstances, I loved it because that meant that I got to watch Curtis play basketball which is one of my very favorite things to do! All of these pictures are from the UNLV game thanks to my awesome mother! I was really bad at taking pictures this year.

The year started off super exciting when we beat UNLV in the preseason opener at UNLV! My family got to come and watch and it was such a fun game! Curtis hit some great shots and then eventually fouled out. I secretly love it when he fouls out because I feel like it makes him look like a bad A. Here is the final score shot!

Here is an awesome picture sequence of Curtis shooting!
What a Stud!
They went on to win their next 12 games in a row and were ranked 7th in the Nation! It was shaping up to be a really great season!

This guy is just about 1000 times scarier looking than Curtis is.

Unfortunately their winning streak kinda left them as we started losing game after game. They always kept it exciting though. One game against BYU- Hawaii we were down by 8 points with 1:30 left and we managed to take them to overtime and win! Another highlight was when Curtis had a perfect game which just means that he made every shot that he took. Plus he got a double-double so he was in the double digits for points and rebounds. It was an awesome game for him and he even got this nice picture on the website.

So despite our losses there were still good times.

My dad, Bryan, Brad and I all found a way to make it to San Diego to watch their tournament. We were super excited for a basketball filled weekend. We were ahead in our first game and it was looking like it was going to be an easy win for us. Unfortunately we ended up losing (because they took Curtis out) and so the team all went home the next morning. So the rest of the weekend it was just me and the boys. They went golfing while I relaxed at the hotel and we had a pretty good weekend despite being seriously bummed about the tournament.

Here is my favorite picture of the dads watching Curtis play.

Throughout the year I got to become really good friends with all of the basketball players wives and it really saved me. Whenever Curtis was gone I could always call them to hang out because I knew their husbands were gone too. It was a really sweet deal. We took some trips to watch games together and I had the greatest time getting to know them.

The year also ended with Curtis getting the Male Scholar Athlete of the Year Award! It was a tiring year but I am going to miss watching Curits play basketball a lot.

Here is another picture sequence of Curtis taking a charge and falling pretty hard. I don't remember if he got the call or not so we will just say he did.
Here is a picture of Curtis calling Dalton out.
Here is a funny one of Curtis obviously not paying attention to his coach. 

Here is Curtis being friends with the scary guy. Just more proof that everybody loves Curtis. 
His devoted fans! 

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