Baby Papenfuss

Baby Papenfuss

Monday, March 31, 2014

Honeymoon Cruise to Alaska

 Alaska is beautiful and yes. that is an iceberg.

This post has been a long time coming so here are the things that I can still remember about our trip. We started it off by hitting traffic on our way to Seattle. We were seriously late and I was seriously freaking out. Then Trevor drove us to the dock and let me tell you this, he does not drive fast enough. I know he was honestly trying but the years of having to drive with Kristy have  not done his driving any favors. (Love you Kristy and Trevor :)

I am normally a very on time kind of person. I'm the awkward person who shows up to parties at the exact time it starts because I believe it's rude to be late. With that in mind, I have decided to show up late to every cruise I ever go on. There were absolutely no lines to show them our passports and get checked in. There were tons of workers everywhere with nothing to do but smile at us and take our bags. Nobody was rushing us or giving us dirty looks for arriving late. We got on the boat after they had already started that life vest wearing drill so we probably only had to sit through that for about five minutes. Needless to say, it was awesome.

Alaskan cruises are very different from the cruises I have been on in the past. Most cruises, you are constantly surrounded by drunk middle aged couples trying to forget that they have children. People are fighting over sun chairs and deck space. Well Alaska isn't the warmest place around and apparently only old people find it interesting enough to want to go there. Our cruise was very quiet. If we wanted to watch a movie out on the Lido deck in the hot tub we could always have one completely to ourselves. It was pretty great.

The best part about cruises is the food. At this point, Curtis had been trying to gain weight before basketball season and had been on a strict diet of 6000 calories per day. He was in heaven! Our room was right on the Lido deck and literally 20 ft away from the 24/7 hamburger, fries, and pizza stand. We would wake up and eat breakfast and then get pizza for a snack. Then we would have lunch and Curtis would pick up a burger and fries before dinner. After dinner we would have to order some extra room service for a midnight snack. Curtis gained 10 pounds in one week! I'm pretty sure I gained some weight too but I decided to just not look at a scale.

We were great friends with our servers. Our main servers were from Mexico and Peru so Curtis chatted with them in Spanish and they loved him! Granted, Curtis is very hard not to love. We took some pictures on the last day and everyone around us thought it was so funny because they were so short. She stood on a chair and was still not as tall as Curtis. Excuse the creepy eyes.

Our cruise stopped in Ketchikan, Juneau, Skagway, and Victoria BC. One thing we learned very quickly was that everything in Alaska is expensive. Sure, you could walk around on the glacier for free as long as you took a 20$ bus ride to get there. I am very averse to spending money so we did everything we possibly could that was free. Most of the time it was raining anyways so most people's excursions were ruined. We would walk around the main street of every city and look at all the crazy expensive stuff that people buy down there. In every city there was a popcorn store that had free samples so you better believe that I made sure we stopped at every one. Did I ever buy any popcorn? Not a chance. Who buys popcorn in Alaska?

My awesome sisters got us a zip lining excursion in Ketchikan for my bridal shower. It was one of the only days that it didn't rain so we were super lucky. We got to zip line all through the trees and one even went over the water.

Everything in Juneau was super expensive so we just walked around for a while and eventually found some signs for a hiking trail. We asked some locals which would be the easiest because we were not in very good hiking gear. We ended up on this super beautiful trail up in the mountains that had a wooden walkway the whole way there. It ended up being such a good time.

Our last stop was in Victoria and it was a beautiful day. We were only there for a few hours so we just walked around and enjoyed the sites. I wish we could have stayed there longer because it was a very happy place.

At one point I was also picked to go on stage and do a magic trick with the magician. He made something float in my hand and I remember being able to see a clear string in the lights but to his credit, I couldn't figure out where the string was coming from. I also remember him awkwardly holding my hand for a long time.
Overall, it was a great trip and we had a really good time.